What is Integrative psychotherapy? 

Integrative psychotherapy involves incorporating different theories of psychotherapy into the therapeutic practice with you, the client. Integrative psychotherapy recognises that each person is complex with different needs and takes this into account. It looks at the client as a whole and the therapist will design their approach based on each individual. This approach is characterised by it’s flexibility and consideration of the interaction between physiological responses, emotional responses and thought patterns. 

How does Integrative psychotherapy work? 

Your therapist will work collaboratively with you to tailor an approach that suits you as an individual as well as your own particular needs. Utilising the therapeutic relationship you will build on this together to decipher different ways of working in the therapeutic space which feel beneficial to you. 

What issues does Integrative psychotherapy work well with? 

Integrative psychotherapy works well with any number of presenting issues. This ranges from depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues to trauma and personality disorders. 


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