What is psychodynamic psychotherapy? 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is similar to psychoanalysis in that it involves exploration of the client’s unconscious processes. However psychodynamic psychotherapy focus more on the client’s relationship with the world around them and society as opposed to the client-therapist relationship. It is very much an in depth treatment and therefore usually relatively long term. Winnicot, Freud and Jung are some of the main theorists of psychodynamic theory. 

How does Psychodynamic psychotherapy work? 

The therapist will support you in uncovering your unconscious patterns and processes. They will help you to explore your emotions, thoughts and early life experiences in an effort to become more conscious of any defence mechanisms you have developed in order to cope with stress and other challenges. 

What issues does Psychodynamic psychotherapy work well with? 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy works well with depression, anxiety, panic and stress related physical conditions. It has also been found to be beneficial in working with social anxiety, addictions and eating disorders. 


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