How can Family Issues impact on mental health?

Ideally our family of origin is a source of comfort, support and love. However often the complexities of family life and issues within the family whether they are ranging from mild to severe can have a huge impact on our emotional well-being and the way we perceive and interact with the world. Our sense of who we are, how we connect with others, our communication skills and among many others our ability to receive and give love all develop from our family. 

Can Psychotherapy help if I have experienced issues within my family?

Absolutely. Relationship difficulties can have a big impact on our mental health but Psychotherapy can give you the tools to help explore the relationship dynamics that exist between you and your family. It can also help to empower you to begin to understand how your family relationships or the issues experienced within your family may affect your every day live. Often we carry experiences lived in childhood into adulthood where we can begin to process them with our more emotionally mature adult brain. Psychotherapy can provide you with the space to do this. 

How do I book an appointment?

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Further reading and resources:

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