What are LGBTQ+ issues?

Issues such as anxiety and depression can affect everybody however, it is also important to recognise that the LGBTQ+ Community also face their own unique set of stressors. There may be anxiety around exploring your sexuality, gender identity, and coming out. Prejudice and homophobic reactions can add greatly to psychological distress.

Will my therapist be experienced in LGBTQ+ related issues?

Our Therapists are experienced in LGBTQ+ related issues and provide you with a space to tackle the difficulties you may be facing. With your Therapist you will explore your experiences and emotions around your sexual or gender identity and together you will develop coping mechanisms to deal with distressing situations and feelings.

How do I find the right Therapist for me?

You can call us on 01 9629514 or fill out our contact form and the Clinical Director will call you back to chat to you about your options.

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