Online Therapy Sessions

The Therapy Centre offers our confidential counselling and psychotherapy services online. Online counselling has been shown to provide the same benefits as the traditional face to face method of therapy and as such there are many reasons you might decide that online therapy is a better option for you.

Online therapy is accessible for those who cannot attend face to face therapy. This could be an option for you if you have restricted mobility or if you live in an area where it is difficult to access therapy services. It also enables you to access a therapist outside of your immediate area.

Affordable Virtual Therapy

The flexibility provided by online therapy means that you can log into your session from a space where you feel safe and comfortable and which provides you with the privacy to be able to engage in your session. Online therapy allows the therapeutic relationship to continue even if you need to move away or while you are on holidays or indeed in the present climate of Covid-19 if there is a need to isolate at home.

Online therapy provides the opportunity to be in control of where your therapy takes place and often provides a higher level of comfort and familiarity. Our psychotherapists work to the same standards of confidentiality as they do in face to face therapy and provide a safe space for you to be able to explore the issue or issues which have prompted you to reach out for support.


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