What is suicidal ideation? 

Strictly speaking, suicidal ideation means wanting to take your own life or thinking about suicide. However, there are two kinds of suicidal ideation: passive and active.  

What is the difference between active and passive suicidal ideation? 

Passive ideation occurs when you wish you were dead or that you could die, but you do not have any plans to commit suicide. Active suicidal ideation, on the other hand, is not only thinking about it but having the intent to commit suicide, including planning how to do it. 

What factors contribute to suicidal ideation? 

Suicidal ideation is one of the symptoms of major depression. It may also occur in people with other mental illnesses or no mental illness at all. 

Many different factors can contribute to suicidal ideation. Often these thoughts strike when you’re feeling hopeless and out of control in your life and/or like it has no meaning or purpose. 

These feelings may be due to circumstances like relationship problems, trauma, chronic low self-worth, substance use, a crisis of some sort, pressure at work, a physical health issue, or financial difficulties. Having any mental health disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or anxiety can also contribute. 

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